Million Dollar Medi+ Hyper Erase



Million Dollar Medi+ Hyper Erase+

Hyper Erase+ is the latest edition to the Million Dollar Medi+ range, which has been specifically designed to target the appearance of uneven skin tone.

Often, when our skin is exposed to stress, triggered by inflammation factors such as UVA and B radiation infection and acne or rosacea the skin produces a high level of melanin.  This can result in areas of darker and more uneven skin tone, which in turn makes the skin look older. These changes in the skin tone can last a life time if untreated.  Prevention is key but as we are all aware our knowledge around skincare is evolving.

Hyper Erase is an effective at home treatment which can be used on a daily basis to even out the skin tone, and should be used for 6 – 12 weeks at a time.

Medi+ Sheild 50+ should be used daily whist this treatment is part of your skincare routine.

Hyper Erase is suitable for all skin tones and can be used locally to target specific areas or, globally for larger areas of concern.


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