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Customer Reviews

I’m not usually one for having facials as I’m really particular about people touching my face but I have to say this was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. Amanda did an amazing job making sure I felt comfortable and really taking time to understand any apprehension I may have been feeling.

The room was inviting, bright and airy. The bed was set up with plenty of covers if needed, and knowing that I had a bad back, Amanda ensured I had enough cushions to support me and make me comfortable for the entire time.
The products used were incredible, beautiful scents filled the air and the feeling on my skin was wonderful. The use of crystals added energy and focus which I welcomed and certainly felt the benefit of.

Throughout the whole facial and massage Amanda was attentive, she took the time to listen and was very informative about the procedures she was using and the benefits of these. She gave advice on how I could further help myself and improve my skin care routine by asking questions and understanding any opportunities I might have.

Amanda shared some of her own experiences and talked about the research and training she had undertaken, giving me absolute confidence that she knew what was right for me and my skin.
Amanda truly has healing hands, after my facial and massage I felt relaxed, the tension I held in my neck was gone and my skin felt plump and revitalised.

All in all a truly magnificent experience, I actually can’t wait to go back to Amanda again and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a bit of luxury and self care.

Thank you Amanda I will definitely be back


I felt comfortable and right at home with Amanda being so thorough and friendly and professional.

I booked the mindful massage and was not disappointed. Amanda is very intuitive as well as knowledgeable, knowing exactly where and how far to massage a weary face, scalp and back which relaxes your mind into a positive energy.

The facial was second to none, her fingers were very precise in their movements, giving my skin a full workout that felt very soothing. The products were very calming on my skin and with their beautiful scents of aromatherapy.

I was very happy with my treatment with Amanda and will be returning.

In these days of uncertainty, it was such a pleasure to escape and do something special for myself, it did a world of good for my body and soul. I would highly recommend Skincology.

I’m not one for providing reviews but I want to share my experience. I never thought I would benefit from the wellbeing trend but a friend suggested I try it and put me in contact with Amanda. I have to be honest I didn’t initially buy into the essential oils, masks and cleansers when talking through what treatment would be best for me with Amanda however Nurtured Massage it was.

I wish I’d known about this years ago !,. Absolutely fantastic experience. I’ve had the odd massage before but this was a thoroughly professional experience from the conversation beforehand, the treatment and advise about how I might feel afterwards.

If you’re a bloke like me, don’t be put off by not understanding all the treatment descriptions, listen to Amanda and trust what she says and enjoy it.

Would recommend Skincology to anyone.

My experience at Skincology was absolutely superb from start to finish what can I say Thankyou Amanda . I am 45 years old male I wanted too try a derma blade session as I have curly hair and get ingrowing hairs.  I was nervous of going I turned up Amanda put me to ease treatment was amazing very clean and professional I will be back . My ingrowing hairs have been less we just need to keep this up.


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